as the moth doth flit on fearless wing,

towards the flick’ring, fierce, alluring flame,

I too, bewitch’d, hence toward you I cling,

an ardent love that I could never tame.


and as the moth doth warm her wav’ring wings,

she bathes in heat em’nating from the blaze,

so too do I, the warmth inside you brings

me so much comfort, I shan’t cease to praise.


yet as the moth has firm though fragile wing,

she flutters forth, is hypnotised and blind,

drawn towards that fierce, deceptive thing

for all mankind, the moth should e’er remind.


like I, this fragile moth succumbs it’s wound,

endures the fear of death and is consumed.



if i stumble and fall

forgive me

for I am clumsy.

if it becomes hard to draw breath

forgive me

for i am suffocating.

if i become devoured by fear

that wraps around and

diminishes me

that wraps around my voice and

muffles it

that around my emotions and

dulls them

to an unrecognisable, shadowed, monochrome gray

which terrifies me —

forgive me

for i have been consumed

deeply suspended beneath my fears insatiable appetite.

the night could absorb me in its darkness

but i would not tremble

for he is more beautiful

more immaculate

more radiant than the stark moon.

his raison d’être

the oxygen in his lungs is replaced

with nothing but grey, choking clouds.

breathing recklessly

he cannot comfort or calm his lungs

for the smoke dances mockingly

hungry for attention

he stares at the shadowed faces in the folds of his robe

the smoke stains them

and smothers her lingering scent.

spotlights give birth to flames

that transform into beautiful dragons

into women

into art

men in crowds, with musky cigars and top hats

chanting en française

desiring the sweet flesh of a dancer

alas, the seduction of a femme fatale

Lady Moulin Rouge

he is quick to lust for her

and even quicker to fall into her dangerous

almost deadly


a suspicion of silver in his crown of dark hair

only added dignity to his bearing

an unmistakable scent

connoisseur of women–

an incomplete carnivore


is unspoilt beauty

all you want and all you seek?

you bind her beautiful wrists

wring her hands until they are raw

so dark and unforgiving

but wait

you are not entitled to her body

before you are entitled

to understand her soul.

i woke before him

as he slept on through the night

and the moon spilled light upon the sheets

giving him a halo of iridescent rays

he made the face of heaven so exquisite

he was so beautiful, an angel,

more beautiful than a stained glass window

and i could not stop staring.